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Left 4 Dead DLC Coming This April

Left 4 Dead DLC is on its way! It is dubbed "Survival Pack" and it will include a new game mode where you and your team must stay alive as long as possible. With 11 Survival maps which were recycled from existing campaigns and 1 entirely new map called Lighthouse, this mode will contain endless hordes of zombies coming after you! Prepare yourself with all the weapons and first aid kits that you can carry. It's going to be a long night.

In addition to the new Survival Mode, the DLC will also have Death Toll and Dead Air for Versus Mode. According to IGN, it will be available before the Left 4 Dead: Critics Choice Edition is released on April 21st.

Halo Wars Goes Gold, Demo Detailed

Ensemble Studios' Halo Wars is complete and is off to manufacturing. It will be hitting store shelves on March 3rd. The demo will be available on February 5th through the Xbox Marketplace.

The demo will have two tutorials, beginner and advanced, the game's first two campaign missions, and a multiplayer map for offline battles against the computer, in which players will be able to control either UNSC or Covenant forces.

Source: Shacknews

Killzone 2 is Done, On Its Way

Developed by Guerrilla Games, the long awaited PS3 shooter, Killzone 2, is on its way to manufacturing. It will be available in stores on February 27th. You will be able to play the demo on February 26th and pre-order customers of GameStop will get a chance to play it a couple weeks before anyone else.

Resident Evil 5 Collector's Edition Revealed

If Left 4 Dead wasn't the zombie shooter you were looking for, you might be looking foward to Resident Evil 5. A collector's edition will contain a Tricell messenger bag, a Chris Redfield figurine, and "The Making of Resident Evil 5" dvd. It will be priced at $90 and will be available on March 13th.

Playstation Home Open Beta Tomorrow

Playstation Home is a virtual world where you can walk around, meet other gamers, go to the bowling alley, and buy furniture for your home. Open beta will begin tomorrow. It will be available as a free download in the Playstion Store.

Source: Joystiq

Free Far Cry 2 PC Bonus Missions Released

Ubisoft has released two new missions to the PC version of Far Cry 2. A short description of each mission has been listed below:

  • Mission 1: The Morrocan - This mission sends you into the most heavily guarded region of the Leboa-Sako territory. Hiding out at the old Legion fort is a Moroccan who might be able to help you locate the Jackal. Your objective is to locate him and find out what he knows.
  • Mission 2: The American - Your predecessor has tracked down the American informant to the Dogon village in the rocky northern ranges. Your objective: follow his trail and find out what the informant told him.

Source: Shacknews