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Left 4 Dead DLC Coming This April

Left 4 Dead DLC is on its way! It is dubbed "Survival Pack" and it will include a new game mode where you and your team must stay alive as long as possible. With 11 Survival maps which were recycled from existing campaigns and 1 entirely new map called Lighthouse, this mode will contain endless hordes of zombies coming after you! Prepare yourself with all the weapons and first aid kits that you can carry. It's going to be a long night.

In addition to the new Survival Mode, the DLC will also have Death Toll and Dead Air for Versus Mode. According to IGN, it will be available before the Left 4 Dead: Critics Choice Edition is released on April 21st.

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Comment by billy

Sat, April 25th 2009

looks like it never

Comment by Tingle

Sat, March 28th 2009

I wonder if the Source SDK will come out the same time as this.