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Left 4 Dead


Left 4 Dead Crash Course DLC Arrives Tomorrow With Achievements

Here is a list of Crash Course achievements:

  • Crash-proof 15G Survive the Crash Course Campaign
  • Quick Power 25G Restart the generator within 30 seconds of it shutting off in the Crash Course Campaign
  • The Littlest Genocide 25G Kill 5,359 Infected in the Crash Course campaign
  • Smash Hit 25G Win a Versus campaign of Crash Course
  • Truck Stop 35G Your team wipes out all Survivors after the escape vehicle has opened in Crash Course
  • 20 Car Pile-up 20G As a Tank hit 20 Survivors with a car in the Crash Course campaign
  • Jumpin' Jack Smash 25G Pounce a Survivor for 25 points of damage in the Crash Course campaign
  • Slippery Pull 25G Smoker pull a bile-covered Survivor until you hold him during Crash Course
  • Tank Stumble 20G Stun a Tank with an explosion in the Crash Course campaign
  • Wipefest 35G Your team incapacitates three Survivors with five seconds in the Crash Course campaign